Hurricane Matthew: Water Damage Restoration In Fort Lauderdale

Water Damage computer modelWater damages can happen to anyone and any home that has water supply. Sometimes the damages are as a result of the homeowner’s negligence while others are unavoidable circumstances like floods and pipe bursts. Regardless of the cause, water damage can result in massive losses and structural damages. It may also expose your family to health risks especially when mold and mildew attack your home. It is therefore very important to seek water damage and/or restoration companies promptly to avoid escalating damages. In sophisticated regions like Fort Lauderdale, finding such companies is easy if you conduct adequate research. However, not all deals you get will depict desirable attributes and quality. You should always compare and review Fort Lauderdale water damage restoration companies before contracting their services.

What Does Water Damage Restoration Entail?

Before you seek water damage companies, it is good to know what the service entails and what they usually cover. Water damage basically refers to any structural or property damages caused by increased presence of moisture in your home. It does not necessarily have to be a flood or pipe burst. Small leaks may eventually weaken a structure and promote the growth of mold and mildew. Most people ignore or assume the early warning signs and wait for obvious damages to happen before they call for water damage services. Although you can always find water damage Fort Lauderdale companies that offer 24/7 emergency services, the immediate demand will generally attract a bigger fee. Noticing the signs early enough will help you fix them with cheap routine repair and maintenance services. Small cracks, increased moisture, appearance of mold, increased, water-heating bills and low water temperatures may all be indications of a problem. Water damage services range from inspection to repairs, maintenance, restoration and cleanup. Others include mold remediation and reconstruction.

The process

Flooded officeThe process of water damage restoration starts when you make a call to inform the company of your challenge. This call is the most important step of the service as it helps the company mobilize personnel and resources necessary for handling your requirements. It also describes your urgency and direction. Once you make that call, the technicians will be sent to inspect and assess the situation. You may be required to remain online for advice on how to minimize damages especially for emergency situations. For instance, you may be asked to turn off the main supply and all taps to prevent more spillage. After assessment, the cleaning and drying procedures commence as the technicians carefully mop, vacuum and pump out the water. The extraction process may take up to one hour depending on the damage. After cleanup, your property will be dried and dehumidified, and then sanitized. The drying processes are very important as poor drying may leave your structures deformed and make it easy for pest and mold attacks. Sanitation simply ensures no bacteria, pest or mold attack your home. They also add a sweet scent to your home.

Things to consider

Drying a flooded hallwayWhen looking for water damage Fort Lauderdale services, there are a number of factors to take note of. Aspects of company reputation, personnel experience, capacity to serve (service portfolio), professionalism, flexibility, convenience and affordability are very important. Trustworthiness and insurance coverage is also crucial if you are going to allow other people into your home. Make sure they provide quality service guarantees including provisions to rework on the assignment if the initial job does not yield agreed results. It is generally advisable to choose highly reputed experienced companies that depict high levels of professionalism and also offer affordable services. Matters of quotes and costs should be reviewed lastly after looking through all the relevant factors. Once you have 2 or 3 potential companies that boast of quality water damage restoration services, compare their quotes to gain competitive affordability. Make sure you look through reviews, complaints and comments form the previous clients and also from expert review companies. This will give you more insights on the nature and quality of service to expect from the given company.


Water damage can be very painful and expensive as they can permanently damage your property. Water can damage all materials especially wood and metal and will also interfere with fixtures and appliances in your home. If you suspect water damage, you should call for inspection services immediately as most cases can be detected and repaired early enough to prevent costly damages.