Are Press Releases Outdated And Unsuccessful?

Press releases have developed a stigma of being outdated and unsuccessful. However, there are a variety of benefits to utilizing press releases through distribution sites. Even in this age of technology and new media, press releases are helping companies receive the publicity necessarily for spreading messages about developments and other news. Press releases, like any other technology, have adapted to the modern times. They are produced through podcasts, blogs, etc. This article will discuss the various benefits that press releases offer.

First and foremost, businesses benefit from press release distribution. This does not apply to one specific industry. Any industry, no matter the size of the company, can benefit from press release distribution. Stories that hold significance to the company will get coverage in journals, magazines, blogs, podcasts, and other forms of publications which pertain to your specific industry. You must tell your story however, to receive the publicity necessary for your company to thrive.

Secondly, press release distribution is available to most companies as it is not particularly expensive. In fact, most companies can afford this form of publicity. Many companies create their own press releases. Expense only comes into play when hiring a press release distribution service. These services will release your story to the public and hands the media members which play significant roles in your given industry. Even the fee for this has proven to be fairly inexpensive. Advertising is always going to be more expensive than press releases for nearly the same effect. Releases through a press release distribution service will continuously prove to be the more affordable option.

The third reason that press releases are beneficial is that they boost the visibility of your company. Small businesses will find this incredibly important. Larger corporations will find this slightly more difficult as they will have to fight for consumer mindshare. It is best to stick with a strategy that consists of a long-term press release distribution approach. This way, you are informing customers of who you are, what your company stands for, what services or goods you have to offer, and why they absolutely cannot live without those specific goods or services. Journalists will also catch on quick, and over the course of time, will begin to trust the product and company as a whole more. Thus, leading to them writing reviews gaining you not only more media coverage, but also (hopefully) positive words about your company as a whole and what you offer.

The fourth benefit is that press releases establish your company as an industry expert. Experts are seen as trustworthy. This is why it can help your company significantly if your services and/or goods are seen at an expertise level. Your customers will receive your trust and once they trust you, they are much more inclined to buy from you. This is also helpful in media relations. When a media outlet needs to contact an expert for a story, they will contact you.

The fifth benefit is the good press releases can spread nationwide and sometimes, even on a global scale. Major media outlets will likely get a significant percentage of their stories featured on local media outlets. The news industry works in that way entirely. When one reporter picks up a story, it is likely for it to spread through the grapevine.

As you can see, press release distribution is still an incredibly helpful and beneficial tool. There are still reasons as to why it is beneficial including that your news will get you more customers and that your investors will keep up with your news. Press releases are still valid forms of publicity and should be treated as such!