Breaking: EON Energy Deals To Be Investigated By Ofgem

The Sun alleges that EON Energy accepted £6 million a year from Age UK to target elderly with “expensive rates”. UK senior citizens were paying as much as £1,049 per year for gas, which is £245 more than the cheapest rate provided by EON Energy (according to the

EON energy complaint from elderly

EON responded with saying that their tariffs were comparable to regular market energy rates, while Age UK completely disavows the claim of paying EON Energy for such a scheme.

Contact EON Customer Service Immediately

Major Newswire urges seniors that are customers with EON Energy to check their energy bills immediately. If you see any discrepancies, you should not hesitate to contact their customer services team immediately using the EON contact number provided here. Be sure to spread this information around your community to ensure Major Newswire can gain validity of these allegations or otherwise invalidate them to help speed up litigation, help elderly EON customers, and/or prevent further propagation of this scheme.

To be fair to EON Energy, elderly customers prefer fixed tariffs because it makes their expenses more predictable. Charities will often take a commission from referrals which is fair business practices. However, selling a bad deal is not.

On a lighter note:

EON To Offer Apprenticeships To 1,000 People In Europe 2017

In Turkey alone, EON will hire 700 young people to apprenticeships. They will hire 270 in Germany and 100 in the United Kingdom. Apprentices have an average of 87% to get hired full-time by EON. With a shortage of skilled workers, EON is progressing quickly to fill these apprenticeships starting in 2017.

EON plans to trained qualified apprentices in a multi-disciplinary fashion. They are looking for an innovative and multi-faceted work force that is flexible and can tackle any challenge.

If you or anyone you know is interested in applying for an apprenticeship with EON, you can find more information here.

Good luck, and thank you for reading our press release.