No Dental Phobia or Anxiety at Atlanta Smiles and Wellness

Many people are well aware of the benefits of dental care but are reluctant to visit a dentist probably due to their past experiences. There is some sort of anxiety that has for long been associated with visiting a dentist. According to a study carried out in the US, about 9 – 15 percent of Americans delay or avoid seeing a dentist because of fear and anxiety. They want to go for their routine checkup and cleaning in time but they have to deal with some butterflies in their stomachs. But these patients cannot be blamed. Many dental care services have been commoditized in patients’ minds.

Atlanta Smiles and Wellness understands that dental phobia and dental anxiety are enemies to good oral health and a great smile. The Atlanta dental practice service is not only concerned with providing a wide range of dental care services but also offering superior customer service. When you visit the facility, you get a warm and fuzzy feeling and as you leave, you look forward to the next appointment. The dental care specialists are always finding ways to increase the value of their services to customers. Below are some of the ways in which the dental care service has been able to offer unparalleled customer service:

Making the office environment comfortable

A majority of patients feel nervous when they wait to see a dentist. Atlanta Smiles and Wellness has tried to make the office environment more relaxing and less stressful. Comfortable seat cushions, TVs, Bose headphones, iPads, noise reduction mechanisms during long procedures, aromatherapy, and post-treatment therapy are some of the aspects that characterize the service. These aspects greatly improve patients’ experience. If you live in and around Atlanta, pay a visit to this dental care service and realize that not all dentists are the same. Atlanta Smiles and Wellness dentists care about how you feel, and you can learn more about it at

Engaging and educating patients

Atlanta SmilesThe dental experts at the facility don’t just pick a needle and stick it into your mouth. They discuss with you about your issue as you sit comfortably in your chair before starting any procedure. They take time to explain the procedure and instructions entirely so that you feel at ease as you receive the service. The dentists are empathetic and attentive. If you have any questions or concerns, the dentist listens to you carefully and addresses your issue expertly so that you understand each other.

The dental care facility offers a periodontal health program that educates patients about preventive care. This program provides knowledge for effective at-home dental care. It helps you to know how to get and stay healthy, keep natural teeth and enjoy a healthy smile all your life.

Effective communication channels

Patients can reach staff through a variety of channels including email, web chat and text messaging. When you call customer service, you take comfort in knowing that the best dentist for your case will be on it as soon as possible. Successful Atlanta dental practice relies heavily on the strength of the partnership between the patient and the dentist. Atlanta Smiles and Wellness is a reliable partner who is ready to work with you to ensure that you achieve and maintain a healthy and beautiful smile.

The dentist also reaches out to you after your appointment to make sure everything is going on well. If you’ve had a procedure and you are experiencing some trouble, the dentist plans for a follow-up. That means you don’t live with pain after a complicated procedure assuming that it’s normal.

Provide high-quality advice on other health specialists when necessary

ReceptionIf the dentist determines that you need to see another health care specialist, she does more than just giving you a name and phone number. The dentist provides more information such as the website name and link and any helpful advice about the service. Whenever possible, the dentist recommends two or three options so that you can choose the one you feel will address your concern satisfactorily. This is a surety of the great commitment of Atlanta Smiles and Wellness to ensuring that their patients achieve great health.

Customer service is an important facet of Atlanta dental practice. Atlanta Smiles and Wellness strives to exceed customers’ expectations with excellent customer service. Whichever procedure or service a patient needs, s/he gets it in a comfortable way and from experts who care more about the value created and feeling experienced by the patient rather than just completing the procedure.