BREAKING: Atlantis Bahamas Cost $800 Million To Build

People often wish that they could have paradise on earth. For some, that is a dreamy wish while for others, it is a sarcastic remark due to the conviction that it is impossible to have paradise on earth. Sol Kerzener belongs to neither group of people. In 1994, he purchased some land in the Bahamas with the sole aim of creating one of the world’s best resorts. The resort is located on an Island that the natives called Paradise. Perhaps it is because nature endowed the area with so much beauty, or that Sol put a lot of effort into building the resort, but the Atlantis is about the closest you can get to a paradise on earth.

Building the resort cost a whopping $800 million. But Sol was not finished with it yet. In 2007, he used another $ 1 billion to expand the hotel and to build a dolphin education and excursion center among many other things. Today, Atlantis Bahamas is one of the most luxurious resorts in the world. It is surrounded by breathtaking views of the ocean, beaches, and lagoons. The towering buildings are inviting due to their exquisite beauty. There are over twenty restaurants in the resort, all offering mouth- watering foods. Accommodation facilities are likely to surpass your wildest imagination. And there are myriad fun activities to engage in at the resort. Nothing spells paradise better.


There are five accommodation options for guests at the resort. Top of the list are the Royal Towers. If your idea of a holiday is being treated Atlantis resort casinolike royalty, this is certainly the place to stay. From the expensive furniture to the exquisitely designed rooms, these suites spell the word luxury. Of course you have to part with a considerable amount of money to stay in these towers, but you can rest assured that they are worth every single coin you spend on them. The towers are situated in the midst of all hotel attractions, which is more than convenient.

You could also opt to stay in the Coral towers. These give an unobstructed view of the Paradise lagoon for your eyes to feast on. There are varying suites, from contemporary guest rooms to presidential suites. As with every other thing in the hotel, these towers are designed with optimum luxury in mind.

Another option is to stay at the Cove. It is situated between Paradise Beach and Cove Beach. Some of the suites here include the Penthouse Suite and the Ocean Suite. From the balconies of these suites, you can be able to see the on goings at the Cain at the Cove, which is an adults- only pool. You also get exclusive access to this pool.

Alternatively you can stay at the Beach Tower. This is relatively affordable, and is therefore ideal if you have a budget to stick to. The tower offers beautiful beach scenery and views that will remain etched in your mind for life.

The other option is to stay at the Reef and Harborside. Just like the beach towers, these rooms are fairly affordable. There are one and three bedroom villas that can accommodate up to nine people. There are beautiful balconies, king- sized beds and bathrooms with whirlpools.

What to Do

Outside view of resort

There are countless activities to engage in at the resort. You can play any number of water sports, because water is abundant here. Not only are there four beaches, but there are an amazing eleven pools. You can go snorkeling, scuba- diving, or you could simply swim to your heart’s content. There is also the dolphin education and excursion center. Here, you get to learn plenty about dolphins as well as to play with them. You can also help zoologists take care of marine animals, or help the feed Sea Lions and Sting Rays. You should also spend some time at the Aquaventure Water Park – it is more than thrilling.

There are also quite a number of casinos in the resort, where you can play poker, craps, roulette or blackjack all night. You can also go shopping in any of the many stores within the resort, such as Michael Kors and Gucci. There is also a world- class spa if your idea of a holiday is being pampered.

Where to Eat

There are 21 restaurants in the resort. You will find foods from all over the world in these restaurants. If you crave Chinese foods, Chop Stix is the place to go. For Japanese food, visit the Nobu Restaurant. Café Martinique is the place to go for French cuisine, while Olive Restaurant offers authentic Mediterranean food. Taste the savory Bahamian food at the Bahamian Club, or the Italian dishes at the Casu D’Angelo.

It doesn’t matter whether you want the food you are used to, or if you are simply out to taste foods from other cultures: Atlantis has got you covered. Most of these restaurants only serve dinner, and there are restrictions for very young children in most of them. The resort also has a number of casual restaurants in case you do not fancy fine dining.


Spending a holiday at the Atlantis Bahamas is guaranteed to be memorable. Visit this resort and create life- long memories.